Hi there, Welcome to Pacesetters Club. My name is Chinenye James Effiong and I am that lady, who went from 10% to 100% entrepreneurial without batting an eyelid. 10years into my Career as a corporate executive working in the banking industry, I made a life changing decision to embrace entrepreneurship part time under the Longrich Bioscience International platform. For three years I worked this side by side alongside my highly tasking and time demanding job as a banker, wife and mother. Doing this part time, I was able to achieve a lot of full-time results. However, the most remarkable milestone achievement of my part-time entrepreneurial journey is the birth of the Pacesetters Club. The Pacesetters Club is a team of over 45,000 (and still counting) amazing, determined and resilient men and women from all backgrounds, from different strata’s of the society, from different professions and different businesses all coming together with a common goal of creating a better life and a better future for themselves using the Longrich platform as our vehicle for wealth creation and helping people around us to create same for themselves. The Pacesetters Club as a team has produced several success stories which include several weekly income earners, several all-expense paid trip qualifiers, numerous car awardees, and even scholarship awardee holders. So my question to you today is; are you looking for a platform to partner with that you can run alongside your job or primary business with no idea of the right platform, or with no idea of the right skill sets to help you succeed; then welcome THE PACESETTERS CLUB is for you. At the Pacesetters Club, our vision is to help everyone and anyone who is seeking an alternative income stream create a viable under the Longrich Bioscience Int’l platform and to help produce a team of highly successful and professionals in the multilevel marketing industry. Our mission is to help our existing and intending partners with the right team spirit and enabling environment to help them become successful multi-level marketing individuals with training, coaching, mentorship and development. This is because we’ve come to recognise the fact that many people lack the skill sets required for them to succeed in network marketing. This is one of the major reasons why people tend to fail. I can say this with full confidence because this has been my story within a short period of time on the Longrich platform. This has also happened for several of my team members who decided to key into the vision and they have become success stories on the platform. So today, I invite you to join us at the Pacesetters Club through the person who shared this video with you; let’s hold your hands and show you where the stones are laid so you too can walk on waters. My name is Chinenye James-Effiong and I strongly believe that anyone and everyone has an equal opportunity and level playing ground to achieve success in the network marketing industry, as long as they are willing to learn, unlearn, make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes and remain unstoppable. It doesn’t matter whether they are doing it part-time or they are doing it full time. If I could do it, you too can. I found the BLUEPRINT, let’s show you how. Thank you so much.